Well i got lots of questions from peoples that is it neccessary to learn programing to become a bug hunter,ethical hacker,pentester etc. in short i will use term “security resarcher” so, i decided to write that post to answer that questuions ..and though its my personal opinion everyone have their personal opinion based on this topic i will answer this question to thast question by simply giving an example:

suppose you are a well known resarcher with no coding skills and there is a another teammate in youur teammate having good knowlwdge of python and someday you apply for higher level exam like oscp where you have to root machine but the vulnerablity they given in test was 0day (never founded by anyone)..it’s a 0day so, there is no exploit (piece of code to exploit specific vulnerablity) available on internet you spent all the time by looking for exploit and suppose (hypothetical condition) you got the exploit on internet but there is no netcat or nc available to spawn your shell this situation leads to hypertension and your exploit will be useless since there is no reverse shell…and times up you failed but your friend who have knowledge of coduing creates his ownn listner for shell spawning I hope so you understand what am i try to saying for writing piece of code you have to knowledge of code i.e which program is vulnerable in system which provide us root privleges for analysing program you have to knowldge of how program works

**and am not saying who doesn’t know coding is not security resarcher they are too, but they are script kiddie in cyber language.. you can do lot of things without programing in hacking in other words just basic level hacking stuff but for going to Advance level you have to learn programming. :)