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Diving In Heap glibc Architecture

This resarch paper is inspired from azeria If you wanna learn and understand more I will provide resources in comment section. Introduction of Heap and Memory As we all know Our memory consist of various data segments like HEAP, STACK, DATA, BSS, GOT, PLT, TXT as you can see in... [Read More]

ssrf exploitation for rce part:2

Introduction hey folks! what’s up? This is my second artice about ssrf exploitation if you doesn’t read part 1 you can read it from in this article here I divided ssrf there in two types according to my resarch blind ssrf and untrusted input So, i picked up remote code... [Read More]

making a wayback machine with python3

Requirements for writing code In this tutorial i will show how we make a simple wayback machine with python 3 to extract arcieved url we will use classes and object i am assuming that you all are unsderstable with the concept of oops in python let’s start first we need... [Read More]

exploit ssrf part:2

protocol and it’s types hey folks? what’s up hope you are well in pandemic First of all i want to apologize for writing article lately because i was busy in making project in python 3soon I will release my tool stay tuned I am not here to advertise my tool... [Read More]
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